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Community Post: 17 Products That Failed Miserably


1. Peeps Lip Balm

Any flavor name that consists of more than one or two words should DEFINITELY alarm you.

3. Life Savers Soda

I mean Life Savers candy is OK. But isn’t this a reach?

5. Sylvester Stallone’s High Protein Pudding

This attempt aimed at bodybuilders lasted less time on the shelves than it takes to watch any of Stallone’s “Rocky” movies.

7. Trekking Mahlzeiten Cheeseburger in a Can

At least we don’t have to worry about this meat not being 100% artificial…wait..

9. Pizza Hut Body Spray

“Damn girl, is that Pizza Hut I smell on you?”

11. Life Savers Holes

OK, so maybe this is the second Life Savers product on this list. I mean, trying to take a page out of the doughnut industry’s book hasn’t really worked out for many people.

13. Burger King Body Spray

Burger King’s food is good. But what better way to advertise to the world, “Hey I eat A LOT of Burger King by myself.”

15. Cheetos Lip Balm

Do stoners really need an easier way to get their Cheetos fix AND fix their dry lips while playing XBOX?

17. Colgate Dinner Entrees

‘Cause when you think quick microwave dinner you always think toothpaste, right?

19. Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water

Some people may not be able to tell the difference between this drink and Coors Light… Oh no he didn’t.

21. Cheez-It Lip Balm

Hey can you tell me if I taste like salt and cheese?

23. Sushi Popper

I forgot that sushi lovers HATE when their sushi is freshly made right in front of their eyes.

25. Frito Lay Lemonade

I think it’s a solid bet that whoever came up with this idea originally is now working in one of the Frito-Lay warehouses.. As a janitor.

27. Celery-Flavored Jell-O

Does celery even have enough flavor on its own to be a flavor for something else?!?!?!?!

29. McDonald’s McLobster

You mean you wouldn’t pay $5.99 for some artificial lobster in a bun? This idea was GENIUS*

*not genius

31. Winter Double King Pizza

This beauty of a pizza brought to you by Japanese Pizza Hut includes the following: corn, shrimp, beef, eggs, onion, potato, broccoli and king crab. Did I mention that the whole thing is topped with mayo? Or how about that the crust is removable AND stuffed with shrimp. 平らげる!

33. White Castle Slider-Scented Candle

Does this candle also come with a candle that is scented like the consequences of eating White Castle?

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