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LEGOLAND: More Than Just A Fun Place


LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, TX is a great choice when visiting this area with your family. There are interactive rides and activities along with a 4D Movie that will impress the kids. Watch as your children use their imaginations to build and create, or better yet, build along with them! This is a day trip that the whole family will enjoy and remember.

Interactive rides and activities along with a 4D Movie that will impress the kids at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas.

Designing our race cars at the LEGO Racer: Build & Test Area

LEGOLAND: More Than Just A Fun Place

We recently took our three little girls to enjoy a day at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, TX. This was our first experience at LEGOLAND and the whole family was anticipating a unique trip. The LEGO group, founded in 1932, has been popular for many years. In 2014, after the LEGO movie premiered, there was a rise in their popularity. My three girls have spent many hours at home playing with their LEGO blocks. So it’s not hard to imagine their excitement as they stepped into a new world, LEGOLAND. I recommend this activity for children 3 to 10.

Why LEGO Products Are Important

Interactive rides and activities along with a 4D Movie that will impress the kids at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas.

MINILAND popular area attractions created out of LEGO bricks Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard

LEGO products are much more than a toy. I recently wrote a post on Why LEGO Products Are Building The Future. There I explain that LEGO products are a great resource in helping to encourage STEM education. Why is STEM education so important to me? Women make up 48% of the total U.S workforce and yet they hold fewer than 23% of STEM jobs (Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). As a mother to three girls, I want their gender not to limit their opportunities! LEGOLAND and all other LEGO products are not only fun but also educational.

What was one of the uncommon elements to this travel destination? A window of opportunity through which my girls realized that what they could fantasize, they could build. My goal as a parent is to help them to remember and use this experience in their future design and construction challenges.

What Do Kids Learn From LEGO Products

Interactive rides and activities along with a 4D Movie that will impress the kids at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas.

Creating their own LEGO bricks at the Factory Tour Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard

They learn to put their awareness, visualization skills, and ingenuity to work. LEGOLAND gave them many opportunities to create whatever their hearts desired. My oldest built a chair, my middle daughter assembled the fastest racecar on the track, and my youngest, well, she didn’t eat any, so we were all happy!

I enjoyed watching kids of all ages come together to help each other build and create. They learned TEAMWORK, how to take many different ideas and combine them to make something awesome. In this world of advanced technology, it’s not often that our kids get to use their hands. LEGOLAND provided my girls with an environment where they discovered their own power to create!

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

First, we observed the actual process of LEGO brick making in the LEGO Factory. Each of our children received her very own LEGO to take home. Everyone loved the 4D Cinema. My kids wanted to watch the short movie repeatedly! The LEGO Racer was my oldest daughter’s favorite ride. She said, “It was the coolest ride of all.”

My husband and I really enjoyed the MINILAND, you are able to walk around and see all of the local attractions built out of LEGO bricks. The exceptional Star Wars Exhibit surprised us with its detailed replicas of our favorite Star Wars characters and movie scenes.

Bring Your Swimsuits

To add even more fun, there is a playground with lots of water play activities called Pirate Beach. It’s a seasonal attraction and a great place to finish out your time at LEGOLAND. They have changing rooms and an outside snack shack. We easily spent a good amount of time here.

What You Should Know


Walking into LEGOLAND for the first time Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard

I would recommend buying your tickets in advance online. In addition, there is an annual pass available too!

After our visit, my husband said he was shocked at how much fun he had. This would be a great place to send the dads or grandparents. I also loved that this experience is not gender specific. Boys and girls alike enjoy the fun!

The staff was upbeat and energetic. I always appreciate when the employees are friendly. Of course, no trip is complete without a small souvenir. The huge selection found in the LEGO store provided our girls with another life-lesson – how to choose just one!

As a mom to three younger children, I recommend planning a family trip to this location. The moments we spent using our imaginations together are unforgettable memories.

Interactive rides and activities along with a 4D Movie that will impress the kids at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas, Texas.

LEGOLAND Welcome Sign Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard

This LEGOLAND is located inside the Grapevine Mills Mall. There is also a Sea Life Aquarium located across from LEGOLAND and you can purchase combo tickets that allow you to enjoy both attractions for a discounted price. We hope your family has as much fun as we did!

Breeze is mother of three young girls, and she seeks uncommon elements in every excursion. She is raising a family in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Exploring the world’s scenic sites and off-the-road adventures, while finding ways to think outside the box. Traveling is huge part of her life and no adventures would be complete without her husband and their three little girls. She’s taken her children snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, four- wheeling in the Ozarks, sea shell hunting in the Caribbean, to do volunteer community service work in Missouri, and berry picking in East Texas. No trip or family experience is too small, too far, or to uncommon!

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