Home Must See 4 Days On A Deep South Adventure: Monster Trucks and BBQ!

4 Days On A Deep South Adventure: Monster Trucks and BBQ!


4 Days On A Deep South Adventure: Monster Trucks and BBQ!

There are few things in life as exciting as driving an off-road 44. You get to drive around in the wilderness, crash through the mud, and drive like you never get the chance to on the road! If youre a novice, youll get a thrill you never experience before, and if youre an expert, youll be bouncing off the dirt with ease. And few places in the world offer as many exciting 44 parks as Georgia. The state is known for southern hospitality but dont let that reputation fool you the heart of the south is also a great place to roll up your sleeves and get dirty!


From its peaches to its southern-fried foods you simply wont be able to get enough of this beautiful state. The best part of Georgia is definitely the Southern BBQ. The south is known for its delicious barbecue. Sure there is plenty of debate on which state does it best but everyone in the south can agree on one thing the South is where barbecue was born! I mean, after all What fills you up and sticks to your bones better after a long day in the dirt and mud? To help you get your fill of mud and BBQ, heres the perfect 4-day itinerary for your Deep South adventure through the wilderness of Georgia.

Day 1 Big Nasty ATV Park
44aOur adventure deep into Georgia begins in Bloomingdale at Big Nasty ATV Park. Big Nasty offers plenty of adventurer for an off-roader, with 1,600 acres of land and over 20 miles of trails specifically for 44s. Their trails include lots of obstacles and lots of mud pits! For the especially adventurous, there is a mudbog specifically for off-road vehicles. This monster is over 4 feet deep and 200 feet long! If you wish to stay on property, their campground offers room for RVs and tents, with access to fresh, hot water and concession stands.
Only about a dozen miles and twenty minutes away from Bloomingdale is Savannah, one of the oldest and unique cities Georgia has to offer. They also have some of the best food you can find! Your best bet for some southern-style BBQ is Angelas BBQ, which was even feature on Travel Channels Man vs. Food Nation. Theyre famous for their delicious sauces and perfectly cooked BBQ, which is so popular that it often sells out for the day- get there early!


Day 2 H&H ATV Ride Park 44bDay two takes us an hour deeper south into Georgia, to H&H ATV Ride Park in Bloomingdale. Located on Goose Creek, they offer over 40 acres of ATV tracks. H&H is owned and operated by legendary drag racing champion Chip Horton, who built the park to provide the perfect place to enjoy a day off-road.

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H&H offers drag racing, hill climbing, and mud bogging for those not easily satisfied. They also offer camping access and RV hook-ups, giving you a true wilderness adventure.

Hidden deep in Jesup is a BBQ joint populated primarily by locals, known as Hillbillys Grill and BBQ. Hillbillys smokes their meat on premise and sells a variety of sandwiches and platters thatll leave you hungry for more! They even have their own country general store with sauces and treats to take with you!

Day 3 East Coast Off Road Park
44dContinuing our journey deeper into Southern Georgia, we arrive at Hortense on our third day. Only twenty miles south from Jesup, Hortense is home to the East Coast Off Road Park, with over 7,000 acres of land!
East Coast Off Road Park offers tons of off-road 44 trails, and 100 acres of lakes that provide opportunities for swimming, fishing, and even a little bit of mud bogging. Lakeside camping is completely free, and shower amenities are provided. If youre looking for an extra thrill, the park also offers barrel racing and tug of war competitions.

Only about 10 minutes south of Hortense is Nahunta, GA, home to one of several Jerry Js Country Cafe locations. Jerry began cooking in 1966, and is proud to serve homemade BBQ fixings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Theyre known for their reasonable prices, so feel free to order as much as you want!


Day 4 Soggybottom Mudpit
44cOur last stop on our Southern Georgia adventure takes us just about as deep as you can get, to the Soggybottom Mudpit in St. George. Right near the Southern border of Georgia, Soggybottom is just under an hour south of Hortense, but its worth the drive! The park offers 180 acres of trails, right along the Sparkman Creek and St Marys River.
Soggybottom offers an incredible amount of different trails, from slow and enjoyable to incredible and wild. Their mud bog pits are known as some of the best in Georgia, and theres plenty of fishing, swimming, and hiking, too. Like the parks in previous days, Soggybottom has room for RVs and standard campers.

Right in St. George is K&Cs Oak Tree Cafe, a small Southern joint with a really small town feel. If you want to mingle with the locals and enjoy hearty BBQ, K&Cs is your best bet. Everything is fresh and made to order, and its hard to find better food along the Georgia border!
After all that BBQ and excitement, you may not be ready for another trip right away! But if you are, make sure to check back soon for ideas for your next unforgettable getaway!


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