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4 of the Best Restaurants in Manila


When one thinks of Manila, family dining in 4-star restaurants is probably not what immediately comes to mind. However, all but gone is the Manila of yesterday, and in its place lies a modern city with every major convenience of today’s times. A new affluence has taken to the streets, and in its wake is the demand for international cuisine served in the finest of tradition, and Manila, without question, has exceeded the demand.

If experiencing only the finest of international cuisine while visiting this mecca of culinary delight is on your top priority list, you would be remiss in not making reservations at the following. Your family will thank you.

Spiral – Imagine a world-class buffet, in a luxurious setting, with top rated international dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs. Imagine, Spiral.

Spiral will take you on a journey around the globe using only authentic recipes and ingredients, served to their patrons in exquisite fashion.

With 21 dining separate cooking stations, L’Ecailler, Rotisserie, Churrasco, Asian Noodles, Filipino and La Patisserie, are but a few of the many types of dishes your palate will be treated to.

Many return visitors head straight to Spiral upon their arrival in Manila.

Caf̩ Llang-Llang РLocated in the Manila Hotel, Caf̩ Llang-Llang offers both international and Filipino cuisine, and their list of menu selections is extensive. Take a gastronomic tour of the world from the privacy of your table. The setting is warm and romantic, and each buffet section is representative of a different country.

Eng Bee Tin – Perhaps not as glorious in appearance as some of the other fine dining establishments, there is nothing second rate about their food, and a stop to Eng Bee Tin should be high on any travelers list. Specializing in mooncakes, if the very best of the best traditional food is what you savor, do not pass go, head straight to Eng Bee Tin.

My Kitchen by Chef Chris – You can take a chef out of Italy, but you can never take Italy out of the chef. Especially when it is Chef Chris. This is a favorite for locals and travelers alike, who have a hankering for succulent lamb in a rich broth, or pasta marinara such as the world has never experienced until now. If Italy means pizza to you, prepare yourself for a piece of heaven with the many gourmet selections.

These are but four of the sea of excellent family dining establishments that await hungry travelers, but they are representative of this modern major metropolis.