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I’m going to Manila and Tokyo!


I’m super stoked to be traveling to the Philippines for the first time with my sister! I’ve partnered with ANA (All Nippon Airways) and will be heading to Manila for a few days then to Tokyo as part of the “By Design” campaign, which highlights how the airline brings their customers service with intention and purpose. Back in college, a classmate once told me the nicest beach he’s ever been to was the one in the Philippines so I’m excited to check it out. My schedule is a bit tight so I only get to explore the Philippines for a few days but I’d love to hear any island suggestions if you have any. I hear Boracay or Palawan is the place to go, but I can’t decide which island would be better for us to chill and relax.
After Manila, we’ll be headed to Tokyo for another few days and I’m excited to explore the city this time. Last time I went, I wasn’t able to explore much so if you have any must places that I should visit while I’m there, please let me know!
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This post was created in partnership with ANA – All Nippon Airways. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of ANA.