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Romantic Destination: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is one of the premier destinations in the country for a romantic getaway. The lake was carved out by volcanoes well before settlers came to the area. The view from the shores of the lake feature these three volcanoes as well as other peaks. This romantic view is complemented by many activities for couples.

There are many hotel options to accommodate budgets and the desire for privacy. On the high end, private villas feature private beaches along with their own private chefs. Even on the lower end, the hotels offer lake views of the volcanoes as well as access to the lake front and many different amenities, such as breakfast and balconies. The hotels are found in various towns that surround the lake.

The local culture is very present in this country. The clothing worn by the locals is bright and colorful. They are part of the traditional culture of the area which has been heavily influenced by the Spanish. These outfits are a sign of their culture. More of this culture can be experienced through the different shopping areas. One of the most famous markets on the shores is the Solola Market. This marketplace is reached by taking a chicken bus (like those in Nicaragua) to the area. If you want to enhance this experience, you can also get a guided tour of the market.

For exploration of the local culture, there is an opportunity to attend a Mayan ceremony. You can also tour some of the local buildings in the town such as the old Spanish church that was built after a war was fought on the lake’s shores.

The lake features a Nature Preserve and a Butterfly Preserve that can be enjoyed. There are many hiking trails in the area to explore the surrounding volcanoes. For more adventure, there are zip line tours that can be taken.

Hiking the mountainsides is another activity that is available for couples to take part in. The volcanoes have hiking trails to their peaks. Hikes can also be taken to onion fields or to a little Mayan town that has very few tourists.

The picturesque volcanic views, the culture and the different amenities make this a location that is both romantic and an interesting place to visit. The different choices for hotels and the different activities allow you to customize your romantic getaway at Lake Atitlan.