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Thailand Family Fun


Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts and nightlife, but it is also a great place to go for family getaways. Many resorts cater to families and do their best to make sure they have everything they need on vacation. This coupled with the vast array of family friendly activities, including zoos, elephant riding, boating trips, snorkeling and more.

1) Family friendly resorts – Make sure you do your research and book a family friendly resort, not a romantic getaway. A family friendly resort should offer a wide variety of kid friendly activities they can take advantage of while you lie on the beach. They are also places where you won’t get dirty looks as your kids do cannonball jumps into the swimming pool. The Laguna Beach Resort has a great kid’s club. Some hotels even go so far as to equip rooms with Playstations and other video games, but if your goal is to spend as much time outside as possible, then you might want to be careful booking these. On the other hand, they could be good entertainment during the hottest parts of the day.

2) Open zoos – Thailand is full of exotic animals and their zoos are great places for the family. Most major tourist areas have at least one zoo. Many are traditional zoos, which are nice for a day trip. Then there are the open zoos, where you can interact with the animals in unique ways. Pet monkeys and elephants and enjoy great photo ops.

3) Jungle walks on elephants – What better way to spend a day than trekking through the jungle on the back of an elephant. This is a great way to allow your kids to interact with these majestic elephants firsthand. It is a great way to see the landscape of Thailand in a way that kids would appreciate.

4) Dream World – This theme park offers some of the most fun sites of Thailand combined with traditional theme park rides like roller coasters and bumper cars. Enjoy the animal shows, parades and rides. Designed based on Disney Land, Dream World is very popular among Thai families and locals. It can be tricky to get there by public transportation, so you may want to take a taxi or a car. (Read more about Dream World in article.)

5) Surf House – While Thailand is not known for its bad weather, it is quite an experience to try surfing indoors. Sign up your kids to get a chance to learn to surf in a totally unique environment!