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Banned on Chinese TV: ‘Western lifestyles,’ cleavage and time travel


Hong Kong (CNN)New guidelines issued by China’s top media regulator have prohibited TV shows that promote “Western lifestyles,” adding to a long list of banned items.

According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, shows should refrain from content that expresses “overt admiration for Western lifestyles,” jokes about Chinese traditions or defiles “classic materials.”
“They should also avoid putting stars, billionaires or internet celebrities on pedestals; or sensationalizing private affairs, relationships or family disputes,” Xinhua said.
    Here’s what else is on China’s blacklist.



    Following the deployment of the US-South Korean THAAD missile defense system last month, some of Korea’s most successful exports may have found their fortunes waning in China.
    A fan event in Beijing with South Korean TV stars Kim Woo-bin and Suzy Bae was postponed due to “forces beyond our control,” the organizers said on Weibo. Two concerts by the popular boy band EXO in Shanghai were also canceled.
    According to multiple media reports, Chinese TV stations were also warned to put South Korean projects on hold.
    The alleged ban on South Koreans came after an edict issued by the media regulator in June imposed “strict limits on foreign-inspired TV programs in a bid to boost innovation of homemade programs,” according to Xinhua.

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