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Travel Guide: London – SCOUTed


And we picked up the telly! 

*yes, we know, “telly” is technically British slang for “TV,” but just roll with it…

Join us for fish, chips, PG Tips, and other British delights as we guide you through London via our blog stagecoach.

Pip Pip!

So, shocker, the Burberry mecca is mad for plaid.  Per Deb’s rogue storefront snapshots, it’s evident that plaids are coming in haute and ready to trot.  Additionally, readers, we saw it in Paris, it was popping off in Milan, and now London is hitting us with this trend as well with their personal take on a tartan-lined trench. God save the Queen AND the Trench AND the Plaid!

This look is classic.  This look is timeless.  This look is England. Now & forever.  I love it.  Amen.

I’m  feeling confident enough to suggest a little pattern mixing and pair the over-sized, tartan button-down on the left with the tartan-cuffed trench on the right, granted this is very conservative/amateur mixing. So if your sheepish about taking the bold leap of donning tartan, on plaid, on checks, then this is perfect for a mixing novice. But for all you seasoned mixers, the button-down, trench, and tartan tote should get the job done.  If you’re a fan of the green and navy plaid tote and decide to invest in one, please hit me up, because it’s the exact print of my uniform kilt from grade school and memories/throwbacks are ~important~.

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about a functional and fashionable tote, it’s Deb Johns. Did you fall for the old Duty Free fast one, where they tell you it’s your LAST CHANCE to get novelty Britain inspired trinkets before returning to the States? Maybe you bought a glossy, ginormous, coffee table book cataloging every beautiful millisecond of Will & Kate’s wedding and 6 cartons of PG Tips (come on people, they probably have this in the coffee aisle at your local CVS!). If the answer is “yes,” then these cutting-edge, sheer carryalls are your ticket to a posh AND efficient departure from Heathrow. Another fun aside: it looks like these puppies are water-resistant and wipe clean (eh? sound familiar?), so they’re great for those notoriously drizzly days in foggy London town.

Judging by the content of these guides, you may consider Deb to be the LEAST tourist-y of tourists around. She literally lives/looks like a local every where, which is pretty much the premise of the travel guides–to help you ball-out like a London local, even though you’re (I’m) secretly from Nashville, TN and the closest you’ve been to London is watching HP weekends on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) or The Crown.  Deb isn’t your typical expat while traveling abroad.  She tolerates and, even appreciates, popular museums through finding her niche in the fashion/designer oriented exhibitions. Deb will probably bop over to the Victoria & Albert museum, so you can visit Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains.  Just make sure you get an additional ticket for Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion. This exhibit is legend, and you won’t regret spending a day imagining yourself wearing phenomenal ballgowns and looking at cool, old photos of Cristóbal Balenciaga hemming the dresses of 50’s era, European models as they look vacantly into the glamorous distance.

For £12, a low price for hours of high fashion (current exchange rate says a little under $16 USD), you can feast your eyes on over 100 pieces crafted by Balenciaga, the “master” of couture, in addition to the works of his proteges, and contemporary designers known for the same innovative approaches to fashion, such as, Paco Rabanne, Oscar de la Renta, Molly Goddard, Garret Pugh–to name a few. The exhibition will be live through February 18, 2018, so you still have time to book your flight across the pond. Fashion is art, people!

Fact: Old Spitalfields Market is hip and artsy

Fact: Dover Street Market has EVERY THING you need to not only survive, but ~thrive~ as well

Fact: Shoreditch is basically Ms. Congeniality, ie. edgy, trendy, gritty, smart, welcoming, hip, and quirky.

Cath Kidston is so lovely and British and a place SCOUT lover’s could really get into.  Here’s my warning to anyone who’s privy to falling down the Alice in Wonderland-like hole that is: online shopping. The website is dangerous. Your shopping cart will be a literal joke.  You’ll actually laugh.  Scrolling to the bottom to review before check out will take a solid 5 minutes.  I’m talking absurdly full.  Like you’re preparing to move from your apartment to Buckingham palace-full.

Hoi Polloi means “common folk, the masses.” Don’t let the etymology fool you, the menu will have you feeling like royalty.

Texture is a Michelin star restaurant. Which makes sense, because this place MUST have it’s own episode of Chef’s Table. If it doesn’t, then Netflix will be receiving a call from me shortly. Also, classic Deb to like a restaurant named “Texture.” Hehe.

Street-wear in London looks to be pretty similar to what we’re wearing in the US–or at least what I typically seen traipsing around DC/Georgetown.

People are loving the Fjällräven Kånken backpacks. Girls are wearing baseball caps and carrying Longchamp bags.

Over-the-knee boots do amazing things for calves (loving those red ones).

Rompers and jumpsuits are great for sport, activity, or brunch.

Puffy coats (formally known as “down jackets”) are KEY.




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