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Viral video offers humorous Fargo travel guide | INFORUM


Since it was posted to his Facebook page Thursday morning, Jan. 3, the video gained more than 375,000 views.

“All right, here we are in beautiful, sunny Fargo, N.D.,” Calmus says while standing in front of the famed Fargo Theatre downtown. “Home of the snowflakes. But not liberals; it’s super conservative. I mean like actual flakes of snow.”

Originally from Howard, S.D., the Los Angles-based actor, comedian and father of two began his vlog in December 2015 roughly two weeks before his first son was born as a way to stay creative while learning how to be a father.

Using a thick “North Dakoooatan” accent, Calmus gives a peek into some of the things the area has to offer, like the “Fargo” woodchipper, Kroll’s Diner and the Fargo Southwest Youth Arena, along with some other local hotspots like Thunder Road, the Red River Zoo and Newman Outdoor Field (all of which were closed during the filming).

Andi Thoreson, director of marketing for the Fargo Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau, says that the video took a humorous approach to the bitter cold that Fargoans experience during the winter while also maybe getting more people talking about the area.

“Sure, showing off Fargo in the middle of a blizzard, reporting minus 35 degree temperatures, probably won’t do much for convincing people who hate the cold to visit Fargo in the winter,” she says. “On the other hand, between views, shares, comments, etc., it certainly got people talking about Fargo who otherwise might not have been.”

While some of the Facebook comments on the video may lean toward the less-than-positive side, mostly regarding the accent used and some inaccurate comments made during the video, Thoreson says the video is all in good fun.

“It’s been fun reading through the comments and seeing so much love for the city and pride when it comes to the kinds of extreme colds that were depicted in the video,” Thorenson says.

Like Calmus says, the No. 1 best thing about Fargo is the people.

“Because at even 35 below zero, it’s never too cold to be nice,” he says.




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